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About Wynstone

The Wynstone Group, Inc. is a boutique cyber security consulting firm in San Antonio, TX that provides cyber security consulting services to organizations of all types and sizes, with a focus on commercial entities in critical infrastructure sectors, such as telecommunications, banking, and energy production. Featuring the services of Scott Lewandowski, Wynstone is capable of addressing your company's time-critical tactical needs as well its long-term strategic needs.

Proven Results

Wynstone brings more than two decades of experience assisting companies in a variety of industries with their cyber security needs. Our successes are known throughout the industry, and Wynstone is often called on to assist the United States Department of Defense with its most pressing cyber challenges. When you work with Wynstone, you enter into a partnership where we take the success of your enterprise personally.

About Scott

Scott Lewandowski is an internationally-recognized expert in cyber security. Scott's expertise encompasses consumer through enterprise-class systems, including specialized critical infrastructure systems. Scott has worked with organizations such as Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, American Power Conversion, Lockheed Martin, H&R Block, Northrop Grumman, Siemens, Boeing, multi-national law firms, critical infrastructure providers, and the US government.


Some of the services we offer include...


A vulnerability assessment characterizes the risk to your company's information and operations and is the first step to securing your enterprise. Wynstone's vulnerability assessment process evaluates your entire attack surface -- enterprise systems, mobile systems, cloud systems and dependencies, and third-parties that you do business with. Once vulnerabilities are identified, Wynstone can propose actionable mitigation plans to reduce risk.


Wynstone will apply its vast expertise in the cyber domain to develop a bespoke strategy for your organization to strengthen its cyber defense posture. The strategy will facilitate evolution of cyber defense capabilities to protect your critical systems, networks, and data. The cyber strategy can be implemented incrementally as budget allows and needs dictate.


Wynstone can apply its human and automated analysis to both source and binary code to either help you understand the vulnerabilities in software you have developed or to characterize malicious code found on your systems. Using a combination of static and dynamic analysis, we can identify both the overt and covert behaviors of complex code samples in order to assess the risks posed by the malicious software. Looking at software you have developed, we can identify potential weaknesses in critical functionality such as authentication, encryption, and input validation.


When considering any change to your information systems, you need to understand the impact it will have to your business operations and overall cyber security posture. If you deploy a new cyber security product, will it actually reduce your risk? How will changes to your general IT infrastructure or mission-critical applications impact your cyber security posture? Wynstone can help you answer these questions through a comprehensive cyber security test. The salient features of your existing environment are built-out in a system that emulates your production system, and risk, capability, and performance baselines are established. Then, proposed changes to your system are incorporated into the emulation, and changes from the baseline can be identified and characterized.


Wynstone has worked with top cyber analysts from industry and academia to codify world-class techniques that can be taught to your in-house cyber security teams to dramatically and cost-effectively improve their capabilities against sophisticated adversaries. Wynstone cyber defense training addresses both internal and external threats, and can be classroom based, conducted on your live production networks, or conducted on emulations of your systems.


Wynstone can provide cyber subject matter expertise (SME) to assist your enterprise with its most complex cyber challenges. We have expertise in a broad mix of systems, including real-time and embedded systems; consumer through enterprise-class software, computers, networks, and supporting infrastructure; and specialized critical infrastructure systems, including SCADA, SWIFT, cellular networks, etc. Our expertise extends from high-level concepts down to low-level implementation details such as firmware and chipset design, operating system kernel architecture, and the like.